DPM Carpet Life Cycle Management

Managing flooring can be a cumbersome and expensive process that often leads to performance that falls below expectations. DPMís Sustainable Flooring Management can help from beginning to the end of a carpets life. Click on each section to see how DPM can help.

6 Months Design and Purchase2 Week Install15 Years Carpet Life and Maintenance2 Weeks Recycle and Reuse

Design & Purchasing


Years of experience in cleaning carpet has given DPM a unique understanding of the construction and design needed for floors to perform. Since DPM maintains the floor, we have a vested interest to make sure that the right product is chosen. DPM will work with your interior designer or facilities team to ensure that proper styling, fiber type, backing system and floor design is specified to achieve the desired appearance, sustainable initiatives, and life expectancy.


How do you know if the pricing you receive on flooring is fair?

DPM has over 30 years experience in flooring industry. As your consultant, DPM will help you find the best means to procure your product to ensure the best value and cost savings. DPM typically does not procure product unless tier 1 or tier 2 MBO credits is desired or project management is desired. For more information on DPMís Sustainable Flooring Management Consulting please contact us (click on contact us to send email or link to contact us page).


How do you know if proper installation methods are used or if you are getting a fair price? As your representative, DPM can help by coordinating or managing installation through qualified local and regional installation firms that are certified to do the work. Our knowledge of fair installation cost will help to ensure that you are getting a fair price.

Carpet Life & Maintenance

Improper care is the leading cause of lost product life and premature replacement. DPM's SPECS Care is a proven system designed to meet the owner's life expectancy, appearance maintenance, green initiatives and air quality expectations. SPECS Care is a proprietary cleaning technology that is Green Seal certified and recognized by Fortune 500 companies for its results and ability to extend the life of carpet 15+ years. Before you replace carpet call DPM for a cleaning demonstration. In most cases, SPECS Care will extend carpet scheduled for replacement by 2 to 7 years.

Recycle / Reuse


Reuse is always the least costly and environmental right approach. If you have a larger facility with carpet tile on the floor, DPMís Corporate Reuse program is perfect for you. DPMís Corporate Reuse program takes existing carpet tile from your facility and grades out worn carpet for recycling. The remaining carpet is sanitized (link to sanitizing information) and refurbished using a highly, automated process that leaves the remaining material with little to no wear. Refurbished material is sent back for reuse where carpet can be used for up to an additional 15 + years. For more information on this industry first program please call your local DPM Associate or click here.


Over 4 billion pounds of carpet goes to the landfill each year. DPM is committed through our OPT3 Carpet Tile Recycling program to divert carpet for alternative uses. OPT3 takes the material received and grades it where it goes back into the X2 reuse carpet tile program, Corporate Reuse, or become components for fiber and backing systems. As a last resort, some chemistries that are not recyclable are used as alternative fuels that burn cleaner than coal and work to reduce the use of fossil fuels. For more information please contact your local DPM Associate or click here.

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